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Server Address In Minecraft- What Is It?

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about server address in Minecraft and how to find it, starting with the basics of what they are and why they’re so important. One of the most difficult things about playing Minecraft online with other people is finding and connecting to servers that have just the right kind of gameplay, map style, number of players, and other features you want in a server. Fortunately, there are resources available that will help you find the perfect Minecraft server to suit your needs.

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where the player can create their own world, explore and battle other players. Minecraft is a sandbox game that was created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and released in 2009. The game allows players to construct various different structures through blocks in a 3D world. The player starts off with nothing but has the ability to gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and build structures out of textured cubes. Players can interact with each other through multiplayer mode or on single player mode where they can play alone or cooperatively with up to four players.

What is Server Address In Minecraft?

A server address is an IP address that is used to connect to a Minecraft server. A server can have many different addresses, but it will typically only be using one at a time. In Minecraft, a server is the game instance that you are playing. Server address in minecraft is a unique set of numbers and letters assigned to each server that you connect to. Servers are usually named by their owners and can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Here are some things you should know about using and finding Minecraft server addresses before you start playing:

  • The best way to find the IP address of a Minecraft server is by going to the Mojang website on your computer and scrolling down until you see Official under the header Minecraft. There will be tabs on the left side of the screen. Click on the tab labeled Servers and select the button that says Find Official Servers.
  • On this page, there will be several lists with different types of servers at different locations. Find out which one has what you’re looking for – then copy its IP address (for example so you can input it later when starting up your game console. If there are no official servers near where you live, don’t worry!

How to find server IP address Minecraft

Server Address In Minecraft

The Minecraft`s server IP address is the same as your computer’s. To find the IP address of a Minecraft server on Windows:

-Open Command Prompt as an administrator (right click, then select Run as Administrator).

-Type ipconfig and press Enter.

-Look for IPv4 Address under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection (or Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection).

-The IP address is listed as four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as

Free Minecraft IP address

There are many servers that offer Minecraft gameplay to their players. The best Minecraft servers are those with a reliable, stable server, good uptime, and an active player base:

  • IP: Brawl is a minecraft server that is all about fighting. The map has been designed for a huge battleground where players can fight each other in different game modes. Players can also create their own custom games from scratch with the built-in game editor.
    The server was created to provide an environment for players looking for an intense gaming experience without any time limits or restrictions on what weapons are allowed.
  • IP: WesterosCraft is a minecraft server that has recreated the world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, with a map that is 1:1 scale with the books. WesterosCraft was founded by two friends, both avid fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, in 2011 to recreate Westeros in the game Minecraft.
    The server is open for anyone to join and play on, but it does not have any specific rules or guidelines other than those set by the players themselves within their own private worlds on the server.
  • IP: Mineplex is a popular minecraft server with an emphasis on building, community and customization. It is the first multi-player server for the game, and it has a wide range of features to make it more fun and interactive than playing on your own.
    Mineplex offers players a wide range of game modes to play, including survival, creative, skyblock and more. Along with these modes it also offers many different game styles like factions, hardcore and more.
  • IP: One of the most popular Minecraft servers out there is Hypixel. The server offers a variety of different gameplay modes for players to enjoy, including survival games, creative games, and factions games. Hypixel also has an extremely active community that loves to play on the server together and chat all day long.
  • IP: Mining Dead is a Minecraft server that has been around for over 9 years. In this time, it has managed to maintain a healthy population of players and an active staff team. Mining Dead’s goal is to provide a fun experience for all players, whatever their skill level or play style. It does this by introducing new features and content regularly, providing an open and welcoming environment, having a strong staff team who are always ready to help and being honest about what the server can offer.
  • IP: Hivemc is run on a powerful and high-performance infrastructure with an extensive range of features. The server offers different modes of play including creative, survival, hardcore, adventure and skyblock. These modes are quite different from each other and offer a variety of options to players who want to enjoy Minecraft in various ways. There are also various game modes available on Hivemc which include hungergames, factions, minigames and more. All these game modes make this server one of the most popular servers for Minecraft players around the world.
  • IP: The Minecraft server Desteria is a popular Minecraft server with a lot of players and is open to everyone. The server is not only a place where players can get their daily dose of Minecraft, but it also offers many other opportunities for the players to explore.
  • IP: Minescape is one of the most popular Minecraft servers in the world. It has been around for over five years and it’s still going strong. The server is open to all players, and has a large player base. The server offers a variety of game modes, such as Skyblock, Survival Games, Hunger Games, Creative Mode and more. There are also many different worlds for players to explore such as Dark World, Nether World and more!
  • IP: Piratecraft is a Minecraft server that has a pirate theme. The server is based on the idea of being a pirate in the Caribbean and it includes features such as pirates, ships, treasure and quests. Piratecraft’s goal is to provide an environment that encourages building and exploration while also giving players the freedom to do what they want.
  • IP: – The Archon is a Minecraft server, which has a large number of players. This is the best place to play with friends if you want to have a good time. The player can choose from three different types of game modes: survival, creative, and adventure. The player can also choose their difficulty level: beginner, intermediate, expert and hardcore.
  • IP: – Middle Earth is a Minecraft server that has been running for over two years and is still going strong. The server is a large and popular one, with over a million members at the time of writing. The server features many different worlds, including the Shire, Mirkwood, Rohan, Erebor, Gondor and Mordor.
    It also has its own economy system where players can trade with each other and earn money through activities like hunting animals or picking up items from chests. There are many different types of jobs for players to take on in Middle Earth as well including farmer, smith or trader. Players can also build their own houses to live in if they want to socialize with others in the community.
  • IP: – The server offers players a variety of features and has an active community.

How to make a Minecraft server

Minecraft has become a game of choice for many people. It is a creative game with infinite possibilities. But what if you want to play Minecraft without the hassle of connecting to someone else’s server? This is where your own Minecraft server comes in handy. A personal Minecraft server gives you the power to do anything you want with your world and gameplay.
You can create custom rules, give yourself infinite resources and play with friends from all around the world. The best part about owning your own Minecraft server is that it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge or skills to set up and maintain. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a bit of time on your hands!

What are the requirements to start a server? You need to have a dedicated computer that is always on and connected to the internet. You will also need an account with Minecraft, which is free for everyone.

Steps to create your own Minecraft Server:

  • Install latest Version of Java and Server.jar File
  • Make Server Configuration Files
  • Run the server and set-up port forwarding.
  • Set Up Port Forwarding
  • Finally Configure the Server Properties


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