How To Find What My Ip Address Is

How To Find What My IP Address Is? Find Out Here

How To Find What My IP Address Is? This Expert Guide will answer this question.
Modern technology accompanies our lives daily. It`s spreading on a very wide scale, and most of us in this world use the Internet wherever we are and are connected to it almost always through computers and smart devices, and every time we connect.

On the Internet, there is an IP address that accompanies your journey to the Internet world. It plays an essential role in the communication process. Due to the increasing information and misconceptions about the IP address among people, today we will highlight some concepts and explain basic information about it and how to know your IP address.

What Is Internet Protocol (IP) address

The IP address can be considered as the digital identity of any computer or smartphone that connects to any Internet network, whether this network is a local network, an Internet service provider, a business network, or a wireless network (Wi-Fi) in a restaurant or public place.
That is, it is the address of your computer on the network, whether it is a small internal network that connects two computers or a group of computers that connect to a router at home or work, in which the IP number is fixed, or the global Internet, in which your IP number changes every time you restart the router it is connected to.

Without Ip addresses, you won’t be able to communicate, send e-mail, watch videos and news, and you won’t be able to access the Internet. These networks or service providers work with a protocol packet, which is a set of standards and rules that your computer follows while connected to the network. This allows you have access to the Internet, where the IP address allows computers to send and receive data to and from the Internet. These addresses are often made up of numbers only, but with the increase in the number of protocols, networks, and Internet users around the world, addresses have evolved and some letters have been added to some addresses.

Importance Of IP Address

When you visit a website, you leave an imprint on that site’s server. That imprint is called your IP address. Knowing your IP address can help law enforcement officials track down cybercriminals. It also helps webmasters identify visitors so they can better target ads at people based on their interests.

Types of IP addresses

Two major versions are important and used in the Internet world. These are the IPv4 address and IPv6 address, and we will explain each of them separately:

  • IPv4: The first version of IP, launched in 1983. It`s currently the world’s primary used IP, accommodates 94% of all Internet connection addresses. This protocol uses a 32-bit addressing system to identify devices that connect to the network. It offers the ability to store 2 32 different addresses and currently offers about 4 billion addresses.
  • IPv6: It is the latest version of the Internet Protocol and was created in early 1994. It came to meet the increasing need for Internet addresses in light of the increasing number of Internet users in the world. It`s characterized by a more advanced addressing system and uses 128-bit, which makes it able to provide several Larger addresses to ensure that you will not run out of addresses in the future, being able to serve 3.4 x 10 38 addresses.

Both versions are similar in principle. They are used for the same purpose and use, but differ in how they work, and the IP address of both types can be known as well. 

Find Out The IP Address On The Internet

  • What Is My IP – This website enable you to know your IP address, in addition to other contact details, such as determining your location and the type of browser you are using.

How To Find My IP Address Windows 10

How To Find My IP Address Windows 10

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of finding your IP address on Windows 10:

  • Go to Start Then Setting.
  • Select Network & internet Then Wi-Fi.
  • Go your the Wi-Fi network.
  • Under Properties, look for your IP address listed next to IPv4 address.

How to check my IP address in cmd

There are many ways to check the IP address of your computer. One of the easiest ways is by using the command prompt. To open cmd, you can use Windows key + R and type cmd in the search box. You can also use Windows key + X and select Command Prompt from the list of apps. Type  ipconfig /all. Look for IPv4 address.

How to find your IP address Mac

If you are looking for your IP address on your Mac, there are a few different ways to find it.

  • The first method involves using the command line terminal:

1) Open Terminal

2) Type “ifconfig” without quotes and press enter to get your IP address

  • The second method:

1) Go to the menu bar and click on “System Preferences”.

2) Open Network on the View Menu. Your IP address is displayed under your Network.


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